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Free speech is one of the hallmarks of our Constitutional Republic, as enshrined in the Bill of Rights. It is no coincidence that nations that have free speech also have a free enterprise system and freedom of religion. Inversely, nations that deny free speech tread upon the free enterprise system and freedom of religion. Americans want to remain free. Americans are craving news and information that is not filtered through the radical worldview of today’s liberal media intelligentsia, or deep state actors. Frank, the voice of free speech, will be the platform for Americans who want to defend life, liberty, and all the freedoms that have marked America as the longest running Constitutional Republic in the world. On this platform you will find a home where you can post videos, livestream television, distribute news and information, and find community and fellowship with likeminded Americans. Frank will be a home for major influencers, to micro influencers, to average Americans wanting to share in the constitutional right of freedom of speech and freedom of expression. We hope you will join our community and let freedom ring.

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6 days ago

Kari Lake on Her Victory at Arizona Supreme Court
Election System Used in Several States Connected to Internet, Uncertified, and Accessible to Govt Agencies

7 days ago

Put on TSA Security List After Attending Mike Lindell's Cyber Symposium
Florida Republican Committee Votes to Dump Voting Machines
Arkansas Grassroots Making Progress in Dumping Voting Machines
Roger Stone on Cohen Letter Collapsing D.A. Scam Prosecution of President Trump

Wednesday Mar 22, 2023

Saturday Night Live Skit About Mike Lindell Mentions Dominion Machines

Wednesday Mar 22, 2023

They Want to Prosecute Trump Over This Phone Call?

Tuesday Mar 21, 2023

Judge Heard Mike Lindell's Plea? Kari Lake on Poll Proving She Won

Monday Mar 20, 2023

Singer of Trump Won Song Joins Mike Lindell

Thursday Mar 16, 2023

David Becker of Soros Funded ERIC Will is Leaving The ERIC Board

Thursday Mar 16, 2023

Texas AG Orders Release of Election Records

Tuesday Mar 14, 2023

How Lawsuit Against Mike Lindel Could End Free Speech For All and Bankrupt Anyone

Tuesday Mar 07, 2023

Three States Pull Out of System Used For Voter Fraud


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